5 Reasons to hire a Day- Of Wedding Coordinator 

1. You will need someone to orchestrate the ceremony rehearsal to avoid you and your wedding party feeling anxious, confused and scrambling the day of your wedding about where to stand or when to go down the aisle

2. You won't want to work on your wedding day 

3. You won't want vendors asking you a bunch of questions while you're getting your make up done 

4. You want someone to make sure the maitre D isn't sending the expensive  food out when the DJ has all of your guests out on the dance floor 

5. You want someone making sure all of your decor,  personal belongings, and card box gets back to you safety at the end of the evening 




- A ceremony rehearsal a few days prior to the wedding with the whole bridal party and a venue walkthrough with the couple to review any final changes with the room set up or timeline 

- Contacting all vendors to confirm time and exact location of load in and timeline details to ensure everyone is following the same schedule of events 

- Setting up personal items, escort cards, picture frames, decor items, etc 

- Being the primary contact for maitre d and all vendors hired for the event so the couple can enjoy their evening without being interrupted with questions all night 

- Managing the timeline of events to ensure everything is flowing smoothly, timely food service, speeches, dancing, cake cutting, etc.                                         

-  Handing out envelopes to pay vendors at the end of the evening.           

- Being the main point of contact for all vendors, maitre d and guests so that the couple is not being interrupted with questions all night                                                       

- Packing up the couple's personal items at the end of the night, seeing that the  gifts and card box and personal items get safely to their car                                            


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