Luxury Planner and Event Designer based in New Jersey 

I am Lauren Bodhi, I am a Luxury Planner and Event Designer based in New Jersey.  I know that celebrations  are so much deeper then just wanting to plan a party. There is an important purpose for that event, a special person who you are wanting to celebrate and my job is to make that experience unique and  memorable. One of my favorite things to plan are surprise parties! I love watching all of these people spend weeks planning in secret, coordinating details and logistics with their families and friends  with the intention of giving another person that special moment of surprise and pure joy. 


 A celebration is not just an event, its a very special day when friends and family gather from all different states, to catch up, create new memories and enjoy special time together. I am passionate about creating a fun and memorable experience that you and your loved ones will enjoy an remember forever. I am also known for coming up with creative pops of surprise to keep your guests entertained throughout your event. I take the time to sit with you and fully understand the purpose for your event, your unique style and personality so I can transform the room to represent the person or people who you are celebrating that day.